Our services portfolio can provide solutions to usual business challenges faced by companies worldwide. We have a very special focus in general administration, technology, processes, people and infrastructure, ensuring speed and efficiency by enabling the creation of competitive advantages.

Enterprises Development
Business Plan
Organizational Architecture (Hierarchy Chart)
Financial Analysis

Enterprises Transition
Transition Management
Management Outsourcing
Familiar Companies Handover
Business Profissionalization
Business Recovery

Business Excelence
Organisation, Methods and Techonology
Clients Satsifaction Survey Deployment
Financial Advice

Corporate Strategy
Mission, Vision and Values
Management Reports
Balanced Scorecard / Strategy Map
Annual Report Construction
Investor Relations / Corporate Governance

Financial Management
Account Payables and Receivables
Cash Flow Control
Management Statements
Leveraging Management

Management Panel

Mission and Activities
Performance Indicators (KPI's)
Skills Mapping

People Management

Standard Operating Procedures
Job and Activities Description
Skills Management and Feedback Culture
Performance Assessment
New Hires On Boarding Programs
Organisation Climate Survey

Training Courses
Skills Management
Feedback Culture
Five Senses (5S)